Daily Update: Still recovering.

Too much on my mind. I’m still tired from vacation. My mother-in-law is a little under the weather. The wife is sick. My favorite daughter had to go to the doctor because she’s sick. I’m just tired and glad I’m not sick. I also have a personal issue to deal with this week that’s hanging over my head.

Plus I have a bundle of writing that I’d love to get done but just haven’t had those free minutes here or there to take care of them. It’s frustrating. I want to write, but just am unable.

Not want, NEED! I have things waiting for me to get them done. I need to do some recording. All that fun stuff. Once this week is over I should start having free time once again until the end of the month when I take another vacation up North this time to Oregon. I need to try and crank out as many words as possible between now and then. This week just isn’t cooperating. I’ll see if I can do some words tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath.

Stress and lack of time. That’s what’s happening to me this week. I’d love to tell you more about it, but like I said, there just isn’t time. I don’t even have time to download pictures of ducks. Dang!

Until Tomorrow!


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