Daily Update: Ow

I write code for a living. My idea of a good time is writing a story, watching TV, or watching a movie. I am not a physical guy.
My body still hurts from my fall last week. Thing ache that shouldn’t ache and my bones hurt. Joints are making weird popping noises. This isn’t a lot of fun.
I should get more exercise than I do and I am working on that.
With all that said, these last couple of days my personal business has been all physical. I am sore everywhere. As soon as I see some fireworks pop it’ll be bed time for Jay Bob. Holy cow am I sore and tired.
But this is it. It’s over and I can move past this little part of ny life. Things will be better for the family from here on out. This puts us in a better place and now I can get back to focusing on my writing and get back to hitting that 450000 word count goal for the year.

I hope you and yours had a happy 4th of July be you in the states or not.

Until Tomorrow!


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