Daily Update: Freedom! Sweet Freedom!

Yesterday was more of a celebration of freedom yesterday for me. As I have mentioned (and been very vague about) I have a been dealing with a personal matter that has no w been resolved. I’m quite happy about this. It’s a burden off my mind and a lot of stress that will now go away.

Now I will be able to deal with Sputtery Truck which seems to have a failing oil pump. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. That’s kinda how life works, right?

Even so, I can still get back to writing as much as I possibly can. I’ve allowed things to back up through vacation and personal issues and now that those are past me, it’s time to press on. The good thing about the vacation; I was able to get some reading done. That helped prime the pump for wanting to get back into writing and gave me some ideas and directions for the stories I’m working on. I have many reviews that I need to write up, but those will have to wait for the time being. I do want to do them while the stories are still fresh in my mind. I’d hate to let my thoughts slip from my mind.

Speaking of my mind… wait, what was I thinking about? Ducks? Writing? Reading? Hmmm.. I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Last night here in San Diego we had fireworks. Sadly 5 minutes before 9PM (when the fire works were to start) a whole bunch of brilliant flames shot up from the bay. It was amazing and brilliant and really cool to watch. Then at 9PM the fireworks started and somehow there was no finale. The radio station that sponsored the fireworks this year announced their apology that the finale was set off prior to the actual start of the fireworks. I’m hoping someone recorded then and will edit them to they way they’re supposed to be.

We watched them from my father-in-law’s house. No, he does live on the bay, but he re-did his patio cover and put a deck on top of it. So from up there the entire family gathered and we could see all the firework locations at one time. Some were a little further away and not as brilliant, but it was still amazing to watch. Instead of trying to fight traffic to a certain location, I think this will become our 4th of July tradition. We were able to watch baseball, talk, eat, drink, and relax before the show so it was really nice.

For now I need to get some work done, run an errand later today, and then it’s all about the writing. And Ducks!

Until Tomorrow!


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