Daily Update: Still not so daily anymore

I’m giving thoughts of starting my daily blogging once again. Maybe, I’m not so sure just yet.

I woke up this morning feeling full of vim and vigor. I haven’t been sleeping good…or much. My favorite daughter has 1st period meaning she starts school at 7am. Yes, we only live a couple minutes away, but we’re still getting up at 5am. My body and brain (old as they are) are still adjusting after a couple months. Last night we went to bed early and didn’t have to wake up early this morning. My body woke me up at 6am. <sigh>

I have many things to do today that I’ve been putting off. Here’s the short list

  • haircut
  • new shoes for the Tahoe
  • new brakes for the Tahoe
  • wash the Tahoe
  • Oil Change on the Tahoe (seeing a theme here?)
  • Replace a sparking outlet
  • clean the dust off the floor fan

So I’ve got a few things to do. Why am I sitting here typing? I just felt the need. I haven’t been writing much this week. Brain has been exhausted and stressed. Work has been one distraction after another keeping me from my major project. Roofers have been banging away on my roof. The rain we just got caused a few days of crushing pressure.
Despite all that I did manage to knock out a few thousand words, record, edit, and produce an episode of the Action Pack Podcast. Watch my favorite daughter play volleyball. And go eat some sushi with the Millicans. All in all it’s been a good week.

Sputtery Truck, you remember him, it doing great with no major issues. I’ll be getting him an oil change in the coming weeks as well.

Where am I with my writing? I’m quickly approaching the 375,000 word mark on the year. Yes, I’m just as astonished as you are. No, really. I’m floored by that number. I still have 2 1/2 months to go yes so I’m confident that I’ll be able to hit my 450,000 word mark on the year. I’ve already set up my spread sheet for next year, and I’ll share those goals in a future post.

My favorite daughter is taking a digital arts class for school. She needs to learn illustrator and photoshop. Got those for home now and I’ve been toying around with those. I’ve watched a few videos, tried out a couple of things. Just quick things that I’m not going to post just yet, but hopefully in the future I’ll have something for you to look at. Right now it’s just fun to play with a new toy. It has bitten into my writing time, but then so has Angry Birds. Now learning graphics has eating into my angry birds time 🙂

What else have I been up to? What? You mean that’s not enough? Okay, okay. Fine

I’m currently working on two secret projects. I will be producing these under different names under different blogs. I just want to see what happens with them when I’m not pushing or promoting my own work. I will be telling a select few, getting their input, and seeing what happens from there. Both of them will be very different, but fun all the same. Of course this means I’ll have two more URLs to register for these two projects and hopefully they’ll pay off in the end.

What? You want more? Okay then.

Mike Plested and I have completed our beta edits on Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty. What does this mean to you? It means that if you have a computer, an e-reader, and/or an email address you can send me a message, comment on this post, DM me in twitter, message me on facebook, or however you want to contact me, and I’ll send you a beta copy of the story. There’s no rush to get this back. We’re just looking for readers to get opinions, feedback, and spot any issues that we might have overlooked in the writing. Interested? No? Okay, it’s a YA SteamPunk Super Hero novel. Interested now? Drop me a line.

That about sums it up for what’s going on around here. I’ll try to do this more frequently once again. Now that I’ve gotten on a better writing cycle, I feel better about posting daily (or semi-daily). We’ll see how it goes.
Until Tomorrow (Maybe!)!


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