Daily Update: Yes, two in a row this week!

Yesterday I got a lot accomplished, but not everything on my list. I now have at least two new items to add to that list. One I need to address right away (today) the other can wait a bit, but it still important.

The Tahoe will from now and forever be known as Sputtery Tahoe. Yesterday it got new shoes, new brakes, and an alignment. All went well, but I had this feeling as my friend and I were doing the brakes and I looked at the battery that I haven’t replaced that battery since we bought the Tahoe in 2003 or 2004. Yeah. It was dipping in power last night as I drove to the store and back. I’ll be taking it to get a new battery today.

The other issue is a bent lower control arm. This is what’s making the alignment go out of whack as often as it does. I need to get the part from a junk yard and the shop that did the alignment will put that in for me for a minimal cost (and realign if needed).

Needless to say all the running around yesterday wore me out something fierce. So I decided to watch a movie that I’ll review soon. I didn’t get any writing done save the daily update. Hopefully some will happen tonight.

This morning we’re having breakfast with the Millicans and then I’ll need to get out and do some more with Sputtery Tahoe. My hope is that it won’t be as expensive as Sputtery Truck was earlier in the year. A New battery, an oil change, and a wash and it should be running good once more. We’ll see how that goes.

My body and brain are still waking up. Hopefully I’ll get some writing in today as well as a little photoshop playing around. I also watched a couple tutorials last night and I really want to get in there and play some more. It’s fun to see just how powerful a tool Photoshop has become. I used to have a very old version of the tool and it was ok, but was hard to use. Probably because 1) I didn’t know what I was doing and 2) I didn’t know what I wanted to do and 3) Youtube didn’t exist.

It’s hard to imagine what people did before youtube and all these great forums. I mean, I learned HTML 1.0 from a 5 page print out and a overstuffed book Teach Yourself HTML in 21 days. Both I consumed in a day and I was building web pages. The internet changed faster than anyone would have predicted. Now you can learn to do almost anything you want just by doing a search. That’s what I’ve started to do with both illustrator and photoshop.

So why am I learning? Other than my favorite daughter is taking a class? That’s one of my top secret projects. I’m having fun learning, but I’ve wanted to do this project for quite some time. Just like with my other top secret project and the Action Pack Podcast, it’ll be an ongoing thing.

I’m off to go eat some breakfast and do some more work with Sputtery Tahoe.

Until Tomorrow!


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