Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 18

Did I write yesterday? No

Long story short (or not).

Both the brakes on the Tahoe and Sputtery Truck are (were) squeaky. So I went to my friend that helps me in times of need when it comes to the vehicles. Recently we had done the rear brakes on the Tahoe and now that scraping noise is gone. We took off the front tires. Took off the brake pads. Everything looked good. The pads are less than half worn. The rotors look good. So we went to town with some brake cleaner, got a lot of gunk off them and they stopped squeaking. We then checked the fluids, found out it was not a cuase for alarm on the service engine light (seems when you let the gas get too low too often it’ll literally gasp for breath).

So no money spent there.

Then I took over Sputtery Truck. The front brakes looked alright, but the rotors looked in rough shape. Not only pleny rusted, but grooved. The rear not quite so much so we held off on those. I took the pads back (under warranty) and got new rotors. I had thought it would be a difficult job, but it was only two more bolts and bam, we had the rotors off, the pads off, and we went to Auto Zone.

While we were there, I picked up a new air filter (can’t hurt) and a needed serpintine belt. We got back and did the brakes first. WOW! Shiny new rotors look great! The new pads were THICK! Yeah, needless to say it was fun putting everything back together as it was a snug fit. Tires back on, new belt, new air filter. Sputtery truck is happy as can be now.

Then I had to get home, get cleaned up, and get my favorite daughter to club volleyball tryouts. She did great! Can’t wait for this season to start. Practice starts in December and the first game will be the second week in January. Hopefully the girls have a great season. Many of the same girls are trying out that were there last year.

So writing, yeah. Didn’t happen yesterday. I got a late blog post in and that was about it. There will be words today. I’m off from work this week so I’m going to try and not only make up those words, but get ahead as far as I can. I’ve had a couple great ideas for V&A II as wel as some great ideas for the covers of I and II. December will see me get through a lot of edits as I get prepared to take on 2013. It’s an exciting time and even though I didn’t write yesterday and only a few words the day before, I’m not discouraged. This will happen! But not until I get out there and make it happen!

Until Tomorrow!


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