Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 23

Yesterday came and yesterday went. I wrote about 100 words, so I’m a little behind today. I need to write ~2500 words to get back on track. I’m nearly at 40,000 words and I can do this! Just you wait and see.

V&A Shipping II is really starting to take shape. I’d say I’m just past the half-way point of the novel and strange things are about to occur. There will be chases, explosions, and trouble. Lots and lots of trouble. It’s a fun time to sit and write this book. I’m really having a good time.

So why didn’t I write yesterday? Well, I read a bunch. I read some more. did some stuff around the house, started to watch a movie with the wife and my favorite daughter, then we went back to the in-laws for Thanksgiving dinner breakfast (that’d be thanksgiving dinner with eggs the morning after). Played with the nieces and nephews. My favorite daughter introduced her boyfriend to the family.

Then we went to the Millican’s son’s football game. It wasn’t an easy game. The other team had an incredible running game that the defense didn’t shut down until it was too late. They still had a great showing and never gave up. I was happy to see how well they did.

Finally got home and thought about writing, but my brain just wanted to go to sleep. I read for a little bit and finally around midnight I was out like a light.

I slept in this morning. I still need to get Sputtery truck checked. I’ll do that later today. For now I need to knock out some words, get our heroes just a little deeper into trouble (after a botched rescue attempt), and see where the story takes us. I already have an end in mind, but I need to stir the pot a little more before I get there.

There are words to write and they ain’t gonna write themselves!

Until Tomorrow!


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