Daily Update: Back to the Trenches

So there I am just sitting there minding my own business when BAM! Monday happened. And they Tuesday came in rapid succession. I mean, really? Did you have to go and happen that fast?

Monday was a horrid day for productivity at the day job due to a major server outage. Oh, nothing related to production servers, there were all development and test servers. Sadly I develop on development and test servers. So my Monday was spent taking care of a couple admin issues, helping a couple people out, and whining that I could get any ‘real’ work accomplished.

Tuesday was more of the same until around 2PM.  Sadly around that time most everyone that could actually help me when I ran into an issue was gone for the day so we’ll call Monday and Tuesday a wash.

Thankfully I had reviewed my code, had my questions prepared, and this morning I was able to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time. We’ll see what the rest of the day holds.

Needless to say, stress on the day job translates to difficulty getting started when I sit and want to write. Monday I didn’t sit until 9PM and only wrote for 30 minutes and last night was the Millican’s birthday and anniversary celebration so after much awesome food, cake, and great company it was time to head home and sit and stare at the screen and dare it to try and stay blank.

Both nights I only wrote for about 30 minutes, but I was able to knock out around 1000 words each time. I’m happy with the words and we’ll see what happens today. I need at least another 2000 to get through the latest episode of the Action Pack Podcast. Then I’ll work on the January 1st episode and then I’ll get back to V&A II.

I still have much editing to do and I’m still riding the high from NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month where you attempt to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days). I’m also astonished that I’ve written 470,000 words at this point in the year. I know I’ll clear 500,000 without breaking a sweat. That’s just the way it is and the way my words are flowing out.

Speaking which, I need to write words with a fury so I’ll be ready for 2013. Next year is going to be a big year. If I don’t put these words in the right order, no one will! We can’t have that, now can we?

Until Tomorrow!


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