Daily Update: Cruise Control

Yesterday went from being a better day (far better than Monday or Tuesday) to a really good day. I wrote up another Unorthodox Writing Tip for Mike Plested’s Get Published. I also knocked out 1400 words in the next episode of Golden West. It was a good day to write. I sat, typed, and magic happened. I love it when days like that fall into my lap.

It’s funny the way I’m writing Golden West considering the UWT I just wrote. I discuss writing as a recursive process with several steps to get to a completed manuscript. I threw all that out the window for Golden West and the story is a very ‘seat of my pants’ story with only a vague idea where it started and where it’ll end. I did no plotting or anything else that I normally do for a book length work. So it’s funny that I wrote the UWT, then proceeded to throw my own advice right out the window and just start typing.

I do have an idea in my head where the story is going overall and I know it’ll advance through three seasons. After that I’ll have to figure out what I plan on doing with the story. Rather than pants seasons 2 and 3, I’m confident that I’ll be plotting those out ahead of time before I write them and I’ll likely write them in one shot rather than do one episode per month. I’ve got a good feel for how long each episode should be and how long it’ll take me to record and prepare the podcast.

I still need to sit and start some editing. That will likely happen after this weekend. I’ll be silent all weekend due to being out of town. I’ll be off visiting my relatives in DisneyLand. Goofy and Donald will be happy to see me again. I’m sure they’ve missed me. If you follow me on twitter or facebook I’m sure I’ll post more than one picture.

Next week I’m excited about the release of the first Hobbit Movie. I WILL be seeing this movie in the theaters. I’ll be buying it on DVD. I will own this movie without a doubt. I don’t care they made it into three movies, that just means that every little detail in the book will come through, right? Peter Jackson did a great job with the Lord of the Rings and I know he’ll do right by the Hobbit. I’ll probably re-read the book as some point between now and then just so I can in with a clear perspective. I’ve read many blog posts by folks I follow and I know I’m not alone in my excitement. I’ll, of course, review the movie after I see it.

There’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. So many words, so little time. I’d better make something happen.

Until Tomorrow!


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