Book Review: Mustaine: A Heavy Metal Memoir


If you ask Dave Mustaine he will probably tell you that he single-handedly created the Thrash Metal genre we’re so fond of. He’s arrogant, rude, and considered by many to be a self-serving jerk.

I think this is why we find him so endearing, don’t you? Why else would I feel compelled to buy his book and read about his exploits?

It’s not like I hadn’t heard most of these stories over the years during interviews, VH1 Behind the Music, and other Metallica and Megadeth documentaries. If you’ve followed Megadeth and Metallica at all over the decades (wow, really? Decades? Man I feel old now) you’ll likely know most of these stories as well. From Dave getting kicked out of Metallica to Dave forming Megadeth to Dave doing drugs to Dave fighting to keep his band together to Dave’s sobriety.

Yeah, this is a book all about Dave from his highest highs (and boy did he get high) to his lowest lows. Even through his drug induced haze he’s always kept his stories consistent so it’s impossible to say he’s lying about the events that took place. It’s not like you can just make stuff like this up.

I would tell you to buy this book if you’re curious about the man behind Megadeth. I will admit that had it not been for Dave, Metallica wouldn’t have been the band they grew to be. I don’t think they would be the band they are or have gotten there in the manner they did. Dave was going in one of two directions, a rise to stardom or six feet under. As a fan of Megadeth, I’m glad it was the former.

The book does retell many stories that Dave has told before, but their told in much greater detail.  I don’t know if Dave has a mind like a steel trap and he could actually recall all the names and places in the book or if someone had to help research these for him. The amount of drugs he was taking and as high or as drunk as he was during certain events, I’m sure someone had to assist along the way, but it’s great to see just what the band went through to get to where they are today. There’s no doubt in my mind that Dave is smart and brilliant, but drugs and attitude got in his way so many times and he could have been something greater.

Are you a fan of Megadeth? Are you a fan of Dave Mustaine? Unlike Ozzy’s book I Am Ozzy, Dave doesn’t have the stories that make you laugh so hard you think you’re going to pop an eye out, but the book is filled with a lot of stories that make you wonder how the man is still alive after all these years and still playing guitar at break-neck speed.

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