Daily Update: Hitting a Groove.

Getting into writing flow is almost never easy after taking a couple of days off. It’s even more difficult when things are going on around you out of your control and demanding your mental and emotional commitment. Suffice to say, things will work out.

Speaking of working out, I read a bunch last night (couple short stories, couple issues of Sandman, good chunk of Slaughterhouse 5) and I even write for a little bit. Knocked out 2200 words to finish off a short story for Every Photo Tells. Hopefully they like it. 🙂 I’m happy with how the story turned out.

The major project for the day job is going nicely. Can’t wait to see it completed. All the big working parts are done and now it’s doing all the nit-picky little items and making sure all the moving parts fit together and play  nicely.

Other than that, not much to see here today. Still recovering from Disneyland. Legs still sore. I feel like I need a nap. Hmm..

Until Tomorrow!


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