Daily Update: I’ve been slacking off, haven’t I?

I feel like I’ve been slacking off the past week or so. Yes, I’ve gotten a lot written, but currently I’m sitting on edits I need to go through, rewrites I need to accomplish, and seven short stories that I need to get back into circulation. Where has all the time gone? It just seems to disappear on me.

So last night I sat down and rewrote the ending to one short story. It’s much stronger now. I’m happy with how it turned out. Not nearly as confusing. I also edited another short story that I submitted to Every Photo Tells. I should send them the updated version. Hmmm. And that was about it.

So today I was going to try and have my 2012 postmortem ready for 12/12/12 12:12 but that didn’t happen. Sorry about that. Life has a way of distracting you when you least expect it. I had also thought I’d have a lot more accomplished this week, but between work and life, there hasn’t been much in the way of free time.

I did sit down for a time last night and started working on a list of titles I have; both short stories as well as novels. It’s a healthy list. I was surprised. I included not only works completed and those in various stages of completion, but also those I want to write at some point. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to them unless I actually get some words knocked out, but hey, it’s nice to dream, right?

Once I get the list completed I’ll be posting timeline events for each book. When to complete edits, when to order book covers, when to publish, things like that. I want to schedule things so I’ll know what’s coming out and why so I can also schedule writing things like short stories to tie into a given novel between books 1 and 2 (and so on). I also want to be able to figure out the order I should be writing these books. If I’m ever going to be able to produce books and build an audience I need to have a timeline and try as best as I can to stick to that timeline. This is going to be trick as life has a tendency to get in the way and delay things.

Yes, I’m already stressing out about 2013, but I know once I have a plan in place and windows for things to get accomplished then I’ll have a much clearer picture of how next year will play out. I’m excited. Really excited about how next year will go. I know I need patience and this isn’t something that I’ll get rich quick at. I know this will take time and 2013 is just the first year on a very long road.

I’ve got much to do. I’d better get at it.

Until Tomorrow!


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