Last Night’s Dream

So I asked on Twitter if people would like to hear about my dreams because I have some strange dreams from time to time. Okay, they’re strange almost all of the time and a majority of the time I can remember them. Last Night’s is a two parter.

The first part of my dream had me waking up and checking my phone. My alarm had gone off. Looking at my phone it was only 1:30am. Confused as to why my alarm had gone off, I went to turn off my phone and it melted through my hand. I sat up and fought to keep the liquid goo from getting away because I didn’t want to lose my phone and I still needed my alarm to wake up in the morning.

Yeah, that one woke me up. I had to touch my phone to make sure it was still on the nightstand. It was. So I went back to sleep. And oddly enough, I checked the time. I was a little freaked out that it was 1:40am.

My later dream was a little more interesting. The wife and I were looking to play some basketball. We had a ball. We had out uniforms on (a mash up of a Lakers’ uniform and some other team with black and white checks). It looked cool in my dream. We found a game at a church. The building was a large cube with towers at the corners. Each tower was rounded off at the top. The inside of the church was filled with broken pews and lots of torn up bibles and hymnals. We didn’t know where the game was until we heard the whistle and we ran for the roof!

Up the stairs and we were on top of the church. They’d laid asphalt on the roof and put in a basketball court. I didn’t question the wife going up and making a dunk. I was just happy. We played ball for a short time before it began to rain. I have no idea who all the other people were, but we played basketball on top of a church in the rain. Then the wind started. My favorite daughter appeared and said it was going to get worse. I reassured her that things would be alright. She punched me.

Then the wind really started up. The towers on the corners of the church started to sway. The rooftop court was suddenly inside and we were looking out windows. That didn’t protect us from the wind and the lifeguard seat the referee sat on also started to sway wildly. The towers crashed down. The lifeguard seat with its bright-yellow umbrella crashed down. We all too the spiral staircase that appeared in the middle of the court down into the church. We decided it wasn’t safe to stay there because the floor turned to mud. Sitting at the pews were a few of my favorite daughter’s friends. I don’t know who they were, but we tried to encourage them to come with us. They wanted to wait for their parents. I clicked the remote on the car and our massive, double-sized hummer crashed their the wall of the church. I told everyone to get in.

Then I woke up. I wanted to go back to sleep, but it was really 5am this time. I had the feeling that when I touched the screen on my phone to turn off the alarm my finger might go through it. It didn’t.

I’ll post more of these as I remember them 🙂

Until Next Time!


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