Last Night’s Dream

I had two dreams again last night. I find this strange, but who am I to question the sleeping brain. Sadly, one is lost to the aether.

The second dream I was in a yogurt shop. I mean a HUGE yogurt shop. I had a dish of raspberry frozen yogurt and I was looking for toppings to put on it. The strange part was it was a small dish. I never get a small dish of FoYo. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the strange part. The strange part was I couldn’t find a topping I wanted to put on my yogurt. It’s not that they were not toppings I wanted, it was that the place was a mess. When I went to find the mini M&Ms (I never use mini M&Ms so why was I looking for them?) they were covered in something that looked like a cross between peanut butter and chocolate sauce (Nutella?). I wanted to fish some out, but even the serving spoon was covered in the goop.

I went looking for cookies or something to put on my yogurt and all the cookies were crumbled into a fine, powdery dust. I licked the tip of my pinky, dipped it in the cookie powder and gave it a try. Yuk!

When I tried looking for fruit (fresh fruit, fruit in that sugary sweet syrup, any fruit) the manager started to follow me around. He kept telling me that my yogurt was melting and I’d better find toppings fast or my yogurt would go to waste and he wasn’t going to give me a refund just because I took too long to pick out my toppings. For some reason I didn’t complain about the state of the toppings bar (and it was a disaster). Some of the containers were empty, but the rest were all mixed with something I wanted with something I wouldn’t put on my yogurt. Like chocolate chips mixed with peanut powder, some crushed nuts with coconut, the M&Ms mixed with some goo.

Somehow, and without my doing, I wound up with two toppings. One was little colored vanilla wafers with letters on them. They spelled something, but my brain couldn’t translate it. The other was an oddly shaped piece of chocolate. By this time my yogurt was amply melted and the manager kept saying ‘No refunds! No refunds!” and for some reason stood behind me looking over my shoulder trying to get me to the register as quickly as possible.

What does it all mean? Pfft. I don’t know. I hope I never end up in this yogurt shop.

Until Next Time!


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  1. lol

    It means you need to clean your room. 😉

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