Last Night’s Dream

Last night I only remember having one dream. I had to take my good sinus meds due to the Santa Ana winds deciding that my butt needed some kicking. I even had to use my nasal spray. Ugh! At least I took them early enough that today I don’t have medicine head.

Onto the dream!

So The wife and I went out to dinner to a new restaurant. It was all fancy and everything. It was also inside a parking garage. Not like sectioned off, but inside. Stalls had been cordoned off to show where the restaurant was. So the cooking area had 3 or 4 stalls marked off and each table was in its own parking spot. The waiters had to cross moving traffic to deliver the food. It was interesting to watch them dance across the traffic with trays of food and not get hit.

Then I was in a different eatery, a deli? with a laptop open and typing something. A man sat across the table from me also on  a laptop. We were in a chat room and he was asking me questions. I didn’t type with my hands,but words appeared on the screen. I knew he was asking me personal information and for some reason I felt he should have anything he was asking for. He asked for a lot of things that were personal, but not damning and nothing he could exploit (where did you grow up, who was your best friend in 5th grade, things like that). Then he suddenly slammed his laptop closed and motioned with his head that I should follow him.

I did.

We got into separate vehicles. I got into sputtery truck and followed him. We were parked in a field and went to a mall and drove around a department store. I got yelled at and lost the person I was following so I got out of sputtery truck and started to push it. This made the perfume ladies happy and they stopped complaining that I was driving through the mall.

When I finally mananged to get outside the mall once again, I was outside, the sun was shining, and my alarm was going off.

Some day I’ll understand my subconscious, but not today. No idea what all that meant.

On the plus side, I installed an application last night that I spent all of last year working on and much of this year. It felt good, but now come enhancement requests for changes, new features, and everything else.

Until Next Time!


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