Last Night’s Dream

I had a great dream! I did! Sadly it escaped me in the morning heat, but I do recall my second dream. In case you’re noticing a pattern, yes, I have multiple dreams during the night. Most I can recall, some I cannot.

The one I can remember isn’t nearly as exciting as the one I forgot. The one I forgot I woke up all excited (not that way!) and felt like I needed to go somewhere. I blame being shut in the house for a couple days and being down all day yesterday being sick.

So, the dream.

My Team Lead (from work) and I were driving a 4×4 out in the woods. We were chasing our other team mates who were on quads. There was much mud, many dirt roads, and racing through the trees. For some reason we were playing vehicle tag. In my dream it wasn’t nearly as dangerous as real life would be. We ‘tagged’ someone and then drove off into the woods. I don’t recall who was driving, I just know my team lead and I were in the vehicle. My sense of perception was in front of our vehicle, not from inside.

We drove over to a pool that was shaped like an O, but squared off. We crossed a small platform to the middle and stood there watching people swim around. I wanted to jump in and wearing only my shorts (where did my clothes go?!) I almost did. Then I remembered that I had my keys (the wife’s actually) and my cell phone so I couldn’t go swimming.

A woman was getting ready to go into the water. She put on her headphones and clamped her phone in a waterproof case and away she went. I thought that was quite interesting (I’ll have to see if this is a real product). The case was filled with a waterproof/conductive gel that allowed her to still use the phone while it stayed dry.

My team lead and I hopped  back into the vehicle and drove away. For a short time we made our own road through the woods, knocking down trees, plowing through a river, scaring small woodland creatures. Then we got back on a dirt road with huge dips and ruts.

Then I woke up wishing I could remember my first dream. It’s a hot morning and will likely get hotter. At least I’m not feeling crushing pressure on my brain from my sinuses today.

Today I’ll spend some time writing, some time editing, and some time working on a friend’s website. Should be a good day.

Until Next Time!


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