Last Night’s Dream

Somehow I wound up in the trailer home I grew up in way back in Minnesota, only it wasn’t still in Minnesota, it (along with the addition and basement) had moved to Canada and was in a strange location I’d never been in. The addition on the trailer was still unfinished (the two bedrooms still had no doors or walls) and the back door had been moved from the read of the house to the side. Still, I knew where I was.

I found myself sleeping in a recliner and when I woke up, I realized that the animals hibernating the in the basement would be waking up because the last snow was finally melting. And I was right! First the bears left through the back door. Most of them were small and lethargic. I stayed in the recliner and watched them leave. The last bear was so large that he shook the entire trailer as he left and I rolled off the recliner and hid behind it to watch him leave. I was happy to see him go. He scared the bejezzus out of me.

Then the last animal left. This one wasn’t a bear. It had a bear’s forelimbs, but a tiger’s rear end and a head that looks like a mash up of the two. It was narrower than the last bear, but taller. I watched as it left and once I knew it was fully out the door, I leaped up and rushed to close the back door (it shifted from the side to the back once the last animal left). I watched through the screen door as the animal walked down the hill. It stopped, sniffed, and turned back around. I knew it was hungry and I was stupid for watching. I should have just closed the door. The thing came back.

He head-butted the back door several times and shifted the trailer off its mounts and caused a split in the side. Wolves saw the opportunity and came through the opening. Then I woke up.

My second dream wasn’t nearly as vivid. I can still smell the animals leaving. Maybe that’s just me. Hmmm..

So in the second dream, a tarantula was running for president…and won. I think it’s because I was watching “All the President’s Men” documentary last night. I need to finish watching it tonight. Great stuff. I also need to watch the movie with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford. I’m wondering why my brain translated Nixon as a tarantula.

There is much to do this week! Two books should be headed your way! Paradise Palms and My Teacher is a Vampire. I will, of course, let you know when they drop!

Until Next Time!


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  1. And I thought mine were wired!

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