Last Night’s Dream

My dad and I were flying around in a helicopter. We flew over a smallish lake (more like a pond) and a large group of people were in the middle around a dead body (face down). We flew in to get a closer look and the closer we got to the people, the smaller we became. We were also invisible as no one saw us flying next to them. And we could fly through them. My dad was flying because I hadn’t learned how to fly the helicopter yet.

We landed on the side of the lake/pond and my dad disappeared. I watched the people for a while and they appeared to be sitting in the middle around the body as if waiting for something to happen. I decided to walk out and join them. They water wasn’t clear, but more opaque blue and an unnatural color of blue at that. My first step onto the water and I found I could walk on it like ice. It was firm when I reached down and touched it. The closer I got to the middle, the softer the surface became until I started sinking into it and I decided I didn’t want to get my new shoes dirty, so I left.

Then I was packing up my crane. I was about half-way done demolishing a house. People booed me as I was clipping up the cables. I tried to tell them it was going to rain, but people didn’t want to hear that. Then it went from fairly sunny to dark. Not like a cloud moving across the sun dark, but the street lights came on dark. Then thunder and lightning. People oohed and ahead and when the hail came, they ran for home. That’s when I decided it would be fun to operate the crane in the rain and started it back up and smashed the rest of the house by driving over it again and again with the treads of the crane rather than deploy the boom.

Then I woke up.

I had a couple smaller dreams before finally getting up, but those one escape me.

I think the lake/pond was filled with pudding that had firmly set at the edges, and was not fully set in the middle. I’m wondering why people gathered in the middle to look at a dead person. Hmmmm. I wonder about my dreams at times.

Until Next Time!


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