Last Night’s Dream

Been a while since I posted one of these, so let’s see what was inside Jay’s brain last night.

The dream started out at a party. I’m not sure who the party was for, but people involved weren’t there, that’s all I know. An old friend had a friend at the party and kept trying to give me three things. 1) Viagra. 2) X. 3) two neon green folding chairs. I kept refusing and asking why the friend sent them to me. Apparently they thought I know some high-up person in a company that could help them sell these chairs as a great idea. They kept shoving the drugs in my hand saying they were for me. Later they gave me an obscene amount of both drugs and said to take the chairs and give this high-up person the drugs and the chairs. I was going to ask how to get a hold of them to let them know I accomplished this task, but I was suddenly in the Millican’s bedroom.

The bedroom was completely rearranged and at first I thought they were living in a new house. They weren’t, but things were terribly messy. By messy I mean I was knee-deep in laundry and picking washcloths out of the pile to dust a dresser piled high with ‘stuff’ (necklaces, random jewelery, receipts, rocks, tiny dumbbells). I picked up what I could and started dusting and the Millican said just push it all on the floor. He was sitting on the bed (the sheets in a twist at the end of the bed) which was the only other piece of furniture in the room. As we talked about something the laundry depth continued to move up. His youngest daughter poked her head in to say hello and disappeared. His wife came out of the closet and said hello and disappeared. My wife and favorite daughter appeared on the balcony out of their room and waved. Then I got sucked under the clothes.

Then I woke up wonder what the hell that was all about.

Any ideas?

Until Next Time


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  1. Hum, a little overwhelmed, maybe?

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