[Release] My Teacher is a Vampire

I am remiss in announcing that My Teacher is a Vampire is now available for sale! I will update the site later today, but for now, here is all the sales info.

The third in the Supernatural Learning series, this completes the 8th grade collection. The next book will start the characters in 9th grade. There will be 4 books for the 9th grade collection and involve more creatures of the supernatural world.



Stanley doesn’t want to be in summer school. Worse, he doesn’t want to deal with another teacher that isn’t that they appear to be. He’d rather be with his friends looking at the moon or playing their game or reading comics.

Instead, Stanley and his friends need to investigate what they caught overnight on their camera and determine if it’s a threat or not. Stanley wonders if just once he could get a normal teacher.

Purchase your copy today

eBook ($1.99)

Print ($4.99)

Signed edition! ($4.99) Get the ebook free!

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