My Favorite daughter and her green smoothies


I love my favorite daughter. Odds are I wouldn’t trade her in for a new car any time soon, but she’s making that choice more and more difficult.

Yes, she makes me green smoothies. I didn’t really pay attention to what she was putting in them as they tasted good. With enough apple juice or orange juice or fresh pineapple, you can mask the taste of nearly anything. It really is an art and I’m proud that she’s so passionate about it.

Where my problem comes in is what she’s decided to feed me. I’ve made it well know to her that I’m not a fan of coconut. Sure, I’ll plug and chug (plug my nose and down the drink as fast as I can) but I would rather actually enjoy what’s given to me. I think I was better off not knowing what she was putting into the drinks.

The other day she had me take her to Whole Foods. This is a very organic-friendly store with a wide array of different greens. Sure, I’ve got no problem with greens. I spent some time in Florida and had my share of collard greens with a big old hunk of fat in there for flavor. I love spinach. I’m new to kale, but I’ll give it a shot. She started packing greens into the basket and was like a kid in a candy store (well, not MY kid in a candy store because her sense of what’s good and what’s not is way outta whack). I was busy looking at the wide variety of vegetables and other things while she proceeded to fill the basket.

We got home and she’s been making green smoothies. As I said, they’re good. That was until I’m drinking away and she informs me that the dandelion greens are a little more bitter than she thought they would be so she used extra pineapple to take out the the bitter.

Wait! What? Weeds! You’re making me drink WEEDS!

Dandelions, for those not versed in the abundance of weeds, are those yellow flowers that pop up in yards everywhere that people spray with weed killer to get rid over before they turn into beautiful puffballs and propagate throughout your yard and become a denizen you desperately want to get rid of. When I had a yard I would spend hours with a spray bottle killing these little beasts.

And my favorite daughter was making green smoothies with them! Weeds! In my drink!

If it didn’t taste so good, I would have gone down to the nearest bush and poured it in for the bunnies to eat. (they eat dandelions, don’t they?).

I still maintain that my favorite daughter is trying to do me in.

Until Next time!


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