Because Scott Sigler is in town!

Some writing may happen today, but probably not a lot. Why? Because the FDO is in town (the Future Dark Overlord). Scott Sigler, baby!And when he’s in town, you go see him. Why is he in town? Because the third book in the Infected series is out. PANDEMIC! I have a copy. I will be reading it as soon as I finish the book I’m working on. No, I will NOT be bringing that copy with me. Why? I want to support my local bookstore by buying a copy of it there.

Where will all this happen? At Mysterious Galaxy BookStore right here in San Diego (Kearny Mesa, actually). So I’ll be there getting a fresh copy. I’ll have the FDO deface it with his left-handed signature. I will have dinner with the FDO (and 30 of our close, personal friends…or more). It’ll be a great time. If you’re not doing anything tonight, join me! It’ll be awesome!

Until Next Time!


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