V&A Shipping II available!

I realize that I told all ya’all that V&A Shipping II was available, but I never linked to all the places you could buy it. That has been rectified! BUY BUY BUY! WOO WOO!

P.S. If you buy a copy, email me the receipt, I will email you the rest of my books FREE!

V&A Shipping II

In an argument over who lost the planetoid they were towing, Vic and Joey find themselves outside the S.S. Acid Rat looking for the planetoid and trying to determine what is hitting the outside of the ship. Vic is hit by a stray rock and Joey must fight to get Vic pulled back inside.

Once everyone is back inside and the planetoid is relocated, they discover that their old friend, Sheriff B.T. Justice is on their trail. During the excitement, they passed through the sheriff’s system and pursuit ensues. The crew decide to hide on the planetoid they’re towing.

It isn’t until the land that they discover the planetoid’s secert; it’s hollow! Not only is it hollow, but an entire civilizaton exists on the inside. Being pulled away from their home star, the planetoid is struggling to stay running and the citizens inside the planetoid need the crew’s help. Unfortunately, Sheriff B.T. Justice isn’t going to let them out of his grip this time!

eBook ($2.99)

Print ($9.99)


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