Monday Update: What day is it?

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Wow! Where did the summer go?

First, I hope everyone from all the fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes is doing well. I’ve watched a lot of news and it’s been an awful summer of destruction.

Secondly, thank you all who asked how I was doing. yes, I let June, July, and August slip on by with nary a word written. I’m not proud of that, but it all changes tonight. Tonight I’m back on the horse with both posting weekly updates and getting words down on the page.

Yes, yes. Goals have slipped regarding release dates and word counts. This happens. Dean Wesley Smith calls this the time of great forgetting when authors wake up from their long summer naps and realize that, whoa, where did the summer go. So I’m not alone in my slippage.

I also picked up another hobby. Yes, yes. I needed more to do.

My best friend from high school will be turning 50 next year and for his birthday, he wants to get the bands back together. Yes, bands. The first band he was ever in involved me on drums. I played drums in a couple of bands in the Navy (had a beautiful chrome set with black cymbals). Loved my drum set and playing drums.

When I got out of the Navy, I didn’t feel like dragging drums around anymore. They’re a pain in the rumpkiss to tear down and set up. So I switched to bass guitar. Played for a few years in Ded Bugh (I still have guitar picks from that one). Then my other friend and I moved from Colorado to San Diego and joined Defective and played punk and metal for a few years. Finally around ’96 I hung up my musical ambitions, finished school and that was that.

My friend who’s getting his bands back together didn’t stop. He’s played and played since high school. He’s been in a few original bands as well as several cover bands. He’s the one getting all his friends from all his bands to play one big birthday bash up in Long Beach.

So, I got myself a new bass. Hopped onto youtube, and started relearning how to play. My fingertips are finally toughened up. My fingers still ache a bit when I’m done from stretching across the fretboard, but I’m having a good time and learning a lot. Oddly, I’m learning more than I ever did when I actually played.



Back when I played, I bought Bass Player magazine, but it only had interviews and tabs. If you didn’t know the song, it was difficult to learn. Some people also wrote tabs that had crazy stretches up and down and it was difficult.

Nowadays, you can hop on YouTube and everything you need to know is right there. Want to learn a song? Search on Bass Cover <song name> and bam! There you go. Want to do some fingering exercises? Bam! Right there. Want to do right-hand exercises? Picking exercises? Scale? Bam Bam Bam! All there.

Honestly, I’m amazed at how much content is out there. It’s really helped me get up to speed quickly (I have until February at the earliest). I’ve also spent time listening to the songs we’re going to play and I’m impressed with how good we actually were (with Defective, not with our High School Band).

So I kind of dropped the ball on the whole writing thing for a while. Still spending time with family. Enjoying life. Working way too many hours (Hey, that happens). And doing all those little things. I stopped making writing a priority.

It’s now September 11th. It’s time to get moving. I want to bang out at least 300,000 words before the end of the year. I want to write “the end” on at least 5 more books before the year comes to a close.

One is almost done (Sorry Mike, I’ve been slacking). Another is half done. The rest I know start to finish in my brain and it’s just a matter of spending the time to write them.

As for my release schedule. Yes, yes. As soon as I have book covers, I’m ready to start dropping books. Keep your eye on this space. My book cover designer also had summer fever and hasn’t exactly been working hard. All that is about to change and things will hopefully progress quickly.

I need to get some words done. The time is now.

How has your summer been? Hopefully relaxing and productive.

Until Next Time!


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  1. Bro that’s great that you’re getting back to playing music! I too was in a rock/metal band
    All through the Late ’80’s through mid 2000’s.
    I truly miss playing guitar on stage.
    I posted one of our songs on YouTube.
    Leave me a message there so I can find ya. I hope you post your reunion gig on YouTube!!
    My channel is Powerchucker.

    • I didn’t realize how much missed playing until I got a bass. I just need to learn to balance practice time with writing time:-)

      I will post many vids of the show. I think we will only do 4 or 5 songs, but the first 3 are 6 or 7 minutes each. We are also writing a new one and knowing all of us, it’ll be another epic lol.

      I’ll go looking for you on youtube!

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