Monday Update: Back to writing…and hacked

hacker over a screen with binary code


Happy Monday, Crew!

Last week wasn’t as productive as I’d like, but I did get a few thousand words down. I’m gearing up once more, slowly, to start racking up big numbers. I plan to complete at least one book per month before the end of the year. That includes finishing Jack Kane and Almost-Super Heroes 2. So between now and the end of the year, I should be typing ‘the end’ on 5 different books.

Just needed to kick myself in the ass.

At least I’m putting words down. That’s the key.

Over the weekend, the Mrs and I had a wonderful time at the Kaa Boo festival (Saturday only). Got to see The Tubes (they’re still strange), Machine Gun Kelly, Janes Addiction, a bit of Muse, Garbage, P!nk, and a couple other bands I need to look up because they were all really good.

While we were there, I got a google notification that someone tried to access my account. Someone from Chicago. This prompted me to do two things I never thought I’d need to do. First, change all my passwords on every social media site, and other sites as well. Then I set up two-step authentication on all sites that allow that sort of ability.

Yes, a royal pain in the rump. But it’s done. It should have been done some time ago. So if you saw anything offensive on any of my social media during that time, my apologies. I have cleared up what I found.

That said, short update today. I need to finish this chapter in Jack Kane and get that back to Michell Plested so we can write ‘the end’ on book 2. We’ll be doing editing, getting that to the publishing, and start our planning for book 3 while we wait for it to come back and we can apply the edits and a publishing date on that one.

Yes, progress is slow. Very slow. Painfully slow. I intend to right the ship and get back on course. The only way to do that is sit, and write.

But man, Rick and Morty is some irreverent fun and The Orville is a lot of fun as well.

I digress. Words need to happen! I’m on that.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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