Daily Log: 2018-08-21

Hey Crew,

So I had one person reach out to me asking why I wasn’t posting anymore and prompting me to keep posting. I let the individual know I was posting daily, I just wasn’t posting to FaceBook because I didn’t want to clutter up people’s feed unless there was a good reason (like I finished a book, or published a book, was putting on a sale, those types of things).

So I am posting these to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. I’m not overly concerned with cluttering up those feeds. There’s also the fact those all auto-post and FaceBook is manual, but regardless, don’t want people not following me on FB because I’m just noise.

Anyway, progress. That’s where you’re here and why I’m typing these up every day.

Almost! So close! Couple chapters left in the slow, deliberate re-read of Almost-Super Heroes 2. I’m loving Zeuscles and Jaspy again (my two POV characters). Loving the rest of the cast and crew. Things are about to go boom so once I finish this re-read, it’ll be full speed ahead until the end of this book. Yes, I skipped ahead to the last chapter I’d written and there will be one or two more chapters of build-up before things go haywire. Things haven’t been smooth thus far, and they’re only going to get worse. This is the part of the story I love. Painting the characters into a corner and having them figure a way out.

It’ll be a hoot.

So, short post tonight. Let me know if you’d like to see other things in here. I read a lot of blogs, webcomics, books, comics, listen to podcasts, follow multiple authors. I won’t do actual reviews. I got tired of seeing my reviews disappear off Amazon so I rarely review anything anymore, but I can always fill you in on what I’m reading, who I backed on Kickstarter, who I back on Patreon. Those types of things. If you’re curious.

Let me know.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Hey Jay! Im so glad youre back to posting every day! im so glad to hear from you and happy you got hings rolling along! keep it up bro!

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