Daily Log: 2018-08-23

Hey Crew,

The read-through of Almost-Super Heroes 2 is done. I’m excited for many reasons. I had added in some twists and turns that I’d somewhat remembered, but not all the details. This is why I needed to re-read the entire thing. I put it down over a year ago. I will be pounding through to the ending now so I can get to work on other books. So very thrilled with where this book is going.

When I had stopped writing on ASH2, I felt a little down about it. Not sure why now that I’ve re-read it. I had thought some characters had fallen through the cracks, but they hadn’t. Lots of foreshadowing in the early parts of the book that will come to light by the end. It’s weird how my brain works.

I’m still tossing back and forth over which book to write next. I had had an idea about how to number these books since they all should be read in a certain order. I’ve been trying to figure out how to number the books, yet have each series numbered. Here’s what I’m thinking.

We’ve got V&A Shipping, Giant Robot Planetary Competition, and Almost-Super Heroes. Finally, there is an, as of now, unnamed Military Sci-Fi Trilogy that will be coming out. All fall into this same universe. What ties them all together?

The Galactic Central Point.

So…each series will have its own numbering sequence. V&A 1-4, GRPC 1-4, ASH 1-4, and the Military Sci-Fi Trilogy. Fifteen books in all for an entire arc. Those books can be read on their own without the other books and you’ll get a complete story within each book and a longer story through that particular series. BUT! Together, they all tell an even bigger story under the GCP banner. So when the entire story arc is complete, we’ll have GCP 1-15  to let the readers know there are other books they might want to look at if they’d like to explore more of the universe.

I’ll be working with my Favorite Daughter to come up with the covers so you’ll know which books are in which series based on the cover, yet have an element and numbering that’ll tell you the preferred reading order for the entire run. Make sense?

Hopefully, it will all make sense when I start dropping books. I’d love to hear what you think. This is a big undertaking, and I’m chomping at the bit to get it all going. Hopefully, you’ll all stick around for the ride. It’s going to go fast for me. A month seems like a long time until you put things on a timetable. Then it gets nerve-wracking.

Until Next Time!

Stray Awesome!

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