Daily Log: 2018-08-24

Hey Crew,

I won’t lie. It feels strange to be typing words once again. After a little more than a year, it’s difficult. Much like doing anything else; once you stop, it’s a challenge to overcome that initial inertia. I’m confident these writing sessions will become easier in the coming days and I’ll be up to much faster speeds.

Will I be writing at the pace I was before I stopped? We shall see.

Right now I’m suffering from a bit of imposter syndrome. I’ve read through 6 books (mostly skimming 5 and an intense reading of the last work I did before stopping). It’s strange to intimidate myself. I have a slight disconnect with these words. So I almost feel as if I’m getting back into someone else’s book and adding words to their novel, not my own.

Silly, I know. Again, this will fade as I get deeper into this book and get it completed. I need the characters to talk to me once more and they’re being resistant. Slackers. I need to give them a little nudge.

There’s also the fact that I did a critical read-through and looked for any point I needed going forward. I saw all the warts and cleaned them up as I came across them. Now I’m trying to shift my brain into writer mode and just let my fingers do the work instead of my brain. It’s not an easy shift.

Again, time is all I need.

The other thing I need to do is to clear distractions. I spent some time on FaceBook and got distracted by a couple of friends who are still…well, let’s just say I disagree with their rabid views. Sadly, I had to mute them so my feed isn’t cluttered with their borderline hate speech. I won’t get political here. I have friends who have different views than I do and we get along great. But there are others that take it way WAY too far. So far I’ve blocked, unfriended, or muted a dozen people. A thankfully small portion of those I follow. It’s just difficult when you read something hateful, get worked up, and then sit to write.

I’m here to write a story people can escape into. I don’t want hatred to invade my work. I also want to keep out my views on politics and religion. Yes, there are religion and politics in my works, but I don’t get religious or political.

I digress. Needless to say, I need to spend less time on FaceBook and less time watching the news. Those two items are eating up lots of time I could be spending writing. It’ll be a process of cutting back on one and dialing up on the other. I’ll get there. Honest.

At least I did get some new words done tonight and tomorrow, I’ll get more words done. When I actually get up to speed, I’ll start posting word counts. As of now, when I’m just around 500 new words, I don’t feel like posting word counts 🙂 Oops, guess I kinda, sorta did. Ah well. I’m off to bed.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Jay, I didn’t realize you had stopped writing! Wow, that’s hard to believe, since it seems like that’s what you did every waking minute. 😉 Best of luck. Now get to it!!!!

    Sharon Finney

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