Daily Log: 2018-10-10

Hey Crew,

Great day today. Took the puppies for a morning walk (and my knees complained all day, dang it. Did the day job, went to the weekly writer’s meeting, my favorite daughter got an award from school…

That’s more interesting than anything I’ll say. 🙂

She was one of 20 students out of the 500 new students who started in the past year, to get an excellence award based on their academic progress and the work they’ve done on projects. How can she not be My Favorite Daughter?

She’s awesome. #justsaying

Back around to me. Getting done with Almost-Super Heroes 2 last night felt great. I rode that high and after a number of home-related events, got to working on V&A Shipping 3.

I’m excited to be back in this series. I love the characters. June, Joey, Vic, Dexter, Argmon, all the pesky AIs, and robots. Random crew members that Vic picks up from time-to-time. It’s great fun. I haven’t even gotten to Sheriff B.T. Justice and Junior. I can’t wait to get into their heads once more.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the characters in ASH and GRPC. Those characters are great in their own right. V&A Shipping was the second series of books I ever started writing. Of Gnomes and Dwarves being the first. It was the first book I brought to life by podcasting it. These voices are personal to me. Each character. Everything they do. It’s weird to think I have a history with all of them.

Then I start to think what I’ve done and what I’m doing. It can be a little overwhelming. I’m writing 3 different series. I’ll be adding a fourth once I get 4 books in each series done. I’ll be doing fifteen books. Each series has its own cast. Not small casts either. Each has dozens of characters even if there are only a few POV characters. Nevertheless, there’s a lot to keep straight.

How? How does someone keep all these characters from getting all mixed up?

Honestly, for me, it’s simple. I’ve read more than one book at a time (and comics). I didn’t get the characters mixed up. I watched more than one TV show over a period of time. Didn’t bother me in the slightest and I’d remember the characters. Why would writing be any different? I guess  I’ve got a spot inside my head for each character and each voice, each personality. Little tics and quirks. Things that make every character special.

To me, that’s the fun of writing. Exploring a story from a different way of thinking than my own. It makes it more challenging. Exciting. I enjoy sitting down to write and making worlds come to life.

If it weren’t fun, I’d find something else to occupy my time. Really, it’d be that simple. I wouldn’t torture myself doing something I wasn’t enjoying.

Right now, I’m off to enjoy some sleep. It’s been a LONG day. Tomorrow is another LONG day.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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  1. Congrats to your FD. Onward and upward.

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