Daily Log: 2018-10-11

Hey Crew,

Wow, I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy the banter with the crew of the SS Acid Rat. It’s so easy and flows as if I’d never left the bunch behind. Already the crew is arguing as they’re trying to get off their home base to keep from being blown up with it.

I am, however, having to circle back into V&A2 to pick up descriptions of a couple of characters and to remember a little bit of what happened at the end of book 2. Besides that, it’s flowing well. I need to be able to type faster than normal because this one is starting out with a bang. 🙂

I’m writing into the dark on this book. Somewhat. I have a very vague idea what I want to happen, but very vague. Beyond that, this entire book is a mystery for me. As I’d said before, I think that’s what made getting to the end of Almost-Super Heroes 2 so difficult and so painful. It’s not that I didn’t like the characters. It’s that I already knew the ending and was just trying to get there. Yes, I had a couple of surprises along the way. I just knew where the end was at and wrote to it.

This one? As I said, I know a couple basic events.  That’s about it. ASH2 set up VA3 nicely with a lot of backstory that’ll be important in VA3, but you won’t need to read ASH2 for VA3 to make sense.

Perhaps I should explain.

V&A Shipping and Giant Robot Planetary Competition are two different series in the same universe that takes place in the far, distant future. Almost-Super Heroes takes place in present day. Roughly a decade after Joey left the planet and became the Stowaway in V&A1. So all three are in the same universe.

My plan is to write all three series as a set you can read alone. Each book will tell a full story with some threads that carry to the next book. Not truly episodic. You’d still need to read them in order, but each series can be read without knowledge of the others.

If you choose to read all the books in each series, you’ll get a much bigger picture of the universe as a whole. Lots of little hints dropped across each book that will tie everything together.

And if you’re following along, once I get through the 4th book in each series (12 books total), I will be writing a Military Sci-Fi Trilogy. Yes, all 12 books will lead up to an Epic war on a scale I’m not 100% certain of yet. I won’t know until I write all the other books. I don’t want to plan too far ahead because if I do, I’ll get bored and stop writing. I’d rather not know what’s going to happen until I write into it. Keeps it exciting for me as well and I tend to write faster when I’m excited.

Long story short, I’m having fun and hope this book flies from my fingers to the page. I’d love to get it done so I can jump into GRPC3 also. I’m having fun writing again. That’s the biggest takeaway from today. Tomorrow, there’ll be more words.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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