Daily Log: 2018-10-24

Hey Crew,

Early post today. I’m about to finish packing and take a quick nap before we head off to Vegas. I had taken the day off to do some cleaning around the house and make sure all the laundry was finished. As soon as the Mrs. and My Favorite Daughter get home, they’ll do their packing, we’ll pick up My Favorite Daughter’s boyfriend and off we go.

I did manage to sit down today and knock out 800 words. I’ll be taking my writing computer with me and trying to write a little every day while we’re in Vegas. There’s always a little downtime here or there I can take advantage of. I will report how progressing is going as I’ll keep up the daily blog posts. I will probably post from my phone so you may end up getting a picture or two out of the deal.

For now, I’m going to vacuum and hit the sack for an hour before the five-hour drive.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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