Daily Log: 2018-10-25

Hey Crew,

First day in Vegas was…a recovery day. We didn’t leave Dan Diego until a little after 9pm which is why I took it easy yesterday and had a good nap. Still, it was a very long, hard drive. Not so much with traffic, but with a car full of sleeping passengers. We got in around 2am.

And crashed as soon as we got into the room.

We have had a timeshare for a long time and really enjoy the benefits. The resort we stay at has penthouse suites but we’ve never stayed in one. During our last owner meeting, it was, finally, explained to us how to make better use of our points.

The Mrs. Took that to heart and found us the penthouse for very few points and here we are. Holy cow are the rooms huge! And we’ve got a hot tub on the balcony.

After our first nap and breakfast, we got into the hot tub and relaxed. Came back inside, ordered room service cuz we were too tired to go to the store to stock up, took another nap, and finally got up to go shopping so we dint have to eat every meal out.

Tonight is more relaxing and tomorrow we will actually get out if the room to do something. No big plans yet. We like to play things by ear. It’s a short trip, so nothing major on the horizon.

I did, between naps and eating, write 1000 words and I’m about to write a few more since it is still relaxation time.

For now, here are a couple pictures of our room/suite.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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