Daily Log: 2018-11-07

Hey Crew,

Another long day. I had planned to get a bit caught up on my NaNoWriMo words, and slipped a little further behind. Hey, that happens. I know I’ll get caught up. I’m only a couple thousand words behind and that’s just a couple of more hours I’ll need to spend in the chair. When I get on a roll, I can do it.

Why do I know I can do this? I love these characters. I’m having fun getting back into their heads. I’m so glad I dropped the beginning and started over. When I do sit and write and knock out 1000 words, it doesn’t feel forced, I don’t feel stressed. I’m enjoying myself. I’m escaping from the day-2-day. If I weren’t having fun, I don’t think I’d keep coming back to writing.

Writing is only one part of what I’m doing. I need to get to publishing. I know that. I pester My Favorite Daughter regularly. I want to get these books out and I’m only lacking covers. Sure, I could do it myself, but I know what she will do I’ll be much happier with. I’ll have a consistent theme across all the series, and each series will stand apart from the others. It’s going to be great. I just need to be patient. Close my eyes, take a deep breath and be patient.

Yeah, it’s not easy. 🙂

That said, one of the many (MANY) blogs I read is Kris Rusch’s blog. This week she talks about Writing What You Love. I suggest you take a look.


It’s something I have struggled with at times. What would I write if I weren’t writing something I enjoy writing? Honestly, I can’t imagine writing something I wasn’t having a good time writing. I’ve seen authors write to market. Some do well. But…they’re nothing writing something they’re passionate about. I guess, for me, writing and telling my stories was never about the money.

Sure, I’d love to have a hit novel and be able to write full time. Who knows, if I actually get my act together, that could happen. What would I do with sudden success?


I’d learn everything I could to maintain that success or at the very least, protect my income and reinvest it in myself. I’d learn business. I’d learn more about what authors do to tell better stories and get interest. I’d learn more about marketing my novels.

Speaking of which…

There’s a FaceBook group I’m a member of. 20 Books to $50K. I’ve only lightly read in there. I know I need to delve deeper. They’re having an event in Vegas this weekend and live streaming many of the seminars. If you’re interested, I suggest you take a look.


I haven’t watched any of the content, but a few authors I know are there and highly recommend what they’re seeing. I’ll be checking it out.

For now, it’s late, I’m tired (you know the drill).

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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