Daily Log: 2018-11-10

Hey Crew,

Some days you just want to have a lazy day. I did today and wow, it was nice. I played a couple of games, practiced bass, wrote a little, and relaxed. Took a trip to the grocery store to get a couple of things and wound up with a basketfull. Hey, it happens. 🙂

I did get words down today. Given my lazy brain today, I’m surprised that happened. But when you sit in the writing chair, words have a tencendy to happen. It’s like magic. I didn’t want to write, but did so anyway. I spent more time with the puppy than I did writing. I spent more time doing dishes (I think 3 times today) than I did writing.

But I wrote.

I also kept thinking about the Freddie Mercury movie. There was a little bit in the beginning where, basically, he takes over a band and from that day forward, they’re Queen.

Well, no, that’s not really how it happened, but hey, it’s Hollywood.

After that, the moving got rolling. I’d forgotten that Freddie was married (to a woman). I knew he didn’t come out as gay until much later and never fully discussed his having AIDS. So much of that movie was really good, but the actor playing Freddie, though doing a fabulous job, to me never felt quite right.

The rest of the band, holy wow! They couldn’t have picked a more perfect group. Maybe it was just the way they did their hair, but they looked just like Queen. I was impressed that, if you watched closely, they did appear to actually be playing the instruments are many points. All in all, the supporting cast were great.

Of course, this is a story where we know the ending. It’s sad that his lifestlye led to his demise. He truly was a great talent.

I was still fairly young (in my 20s) when he passed away, so I didn’t appreciate his life or his contribution to music. When I was in my 20s, if it wasn’t Heavy Metal, I wasn’t listening. Yes, I knew of other music, but it wasn’t my main focus. Nor of those around me. That isn’t to say I wasn’t aware of events like Live Aid. I was, after all, part of the MTV generation. Back when they actually reported music news and played music videos. I’d seen the Queen videos. Knew the music, but I prefered to listen to something louder and faster. That’s all.

Now that I’m older, I’ve grown an appreciation for music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. I’m amazed at all the music I chose to overlook. Some days I’ll choose a decade to play music from while other days I’ll choose a band and start at the beginning of their catalogue and listen to as much as I can before I’m interruptted by a confernce call or need to focus on work.

Much like I’m amazed at how many hits I missed, but how much music from those days was never played on the radio then, and still isn’t played today. I’m not a music snob. I’ll listen to nearly anything, but I avoid modern country music and modern hip-hop and rap. I’ve tried, but it’s not to my liking.

I have tried listening to a lot of different music over the past decade. Always looking for something new and something different. I’ll browse YouTube and find a song and look to see what other bands are in the sidebar and click something at random I hadn’t heard before. It’s a fun way to discover new music.

Circling back to the movie, when I noticed one actor was really mike Myers (great makeup on his so I almost didn’t recognize him) he delivered one of the funniest lines in the movie and I’m certain nearly no one else in the theater got the reference since I was the only one laughing for about a minute in a quite theater (packed theater).

I’m tired, I’m rambling. If you like music, go check out Behemian Rhapsody. It’s worth the time even if it was a little Hollywood.

Seeing the previews, I’m now excited to see Elton. 🙂

Until Next Time!

Stay Fabulous, Darling!

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