Daily Log: 2018-11-11

Hey Crew,

Whew, what a day. Somewhat busy with little things around the house, but I managed to get two writing sessions in with around 1500 words per session and coming in around 3100 words today for the day.

That’s more like it. The story is really starting to flow and two major complications popped up what likely won’t be resolved in book 3, but will carry over into book 4 and into GRPC3. One of the characters made a cameo in VA3. I won’t tell you which because the reason the character appeared will be very apparent.

Again, the way I’m writing these books, you don’t need to read them all. Each story is self-contained with threads running through each series, and across all three series. I’m loving the weaving and the tapestry it’s building.

Another character that appeared would never have made it into this book were it not for Almost-Super Heroes. I’m so glad I decided to make this 15 book story arc that spans all these series. It’s a blast.

I have a slightly better idea what’ll happen in GRPC3, but it’s still vague. I’ll know it when I write it what the major plot of that book will be. As with a majority of my books, I love to write into the dark. Little things pop up and surprise me. I love that part and that feeling. I love finding out when something I foreshadowed in an earlier chapter comes to fruition. Normally I’ll write something and think, oh, I should go back and include something about this…and it’ll already be there. My subconscious knows where the story is headed and if I get out of my way, the story will go there without me needed to try and figure it out.

This is impossible to explain to someone who’s never written in this way. Many people think you need to have a detailed plot outline, character sketches, and a massive chapter summary to know where a book is headed.

Well, some people do. Others, like me and many other authors I know, let the characters free, trust the story to head in the correct direction, and let it flow.

Enough about story. Tonight we went to my brother-in-law’s birthday party. He had gotten an offer from his work and will be retiring in December. It’s so strange to think of someone retiring. Even though my nephew who retired from the Marines after 20 years (Semper Fi!) was there and to him, it also didn’t seem real that his uncle-in-law was retiring. My nephew is still working as when you retire from the military, you still need to get a job. My brother who retired from the Navy after 20 years had to do the same.

Me, I only did 5 years. It wasn’t a lifestyle fit for me and chose not to continue. About 1 month after I got out, several friends of mine who did stay in, were on their way to the first Gulf War in the early 90s.

Being Veterans Day, thank you to all who have served.

I was going to try and get another writing session in tonight, but hey, I’m tired. We played Jenga and if you violated the rules (we were making up as we went along) you had to take a shot. I’m glad My Favorite Daughter is our designated driver. And tomorrow is going to come too early.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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