Daily Log: 2018-11-12

Hey Crew,

The first time I met Stan Lee was in Minneapolis. It was a surprise by my aunt and grandmother (on my step-mom’s side). There was a very large comic store in downtown Minneapolis and they knew how much I was into comics at the time. So, near my birthday, they took me to the store and SURPRISE! There was Stan Lee, signing autographs. They’d bought me a collection of the Spiderman newspaper strips for my birthday and Stan Lee signed it “Happy Birthday. Excelsior!”

It was a great day. Stan was polite, said a few words to me, and I was moved along as there was quite a line.

It’s one of those moments that never leave you. I’m sure I’m not the only person with a memory of meeting Stan Lee. I’ve seen dozens of friends share their memories of him either of him or of when they met him. It’s heart-warming to know how many people adored the man.

I’m sure there will be articles and interviews that look at the ‘darker side’ of Stan. Things he did in his business dealings that cut creators out of their share of profits the comics they made.

I don’t know that Stan Lee. I know Stan from the cartoons in the Bullpen, or cameos he made in the comics. Before I’d ever seen a picture of him, I knew what he looked like. Before I’d ever met him, I could have picked him out of a crowd. He was iconic even before I knew what that word meant. Reading his stories and his answers to letters in the back of comics, I felt as if I knew him.

It’s a sad day, but the man had an incredible and long life. I’ll miss knowing he’s not in the world anymore, but I’m glad he was on this Earth and I got to read his stories.

On a happier note, knocked out another 2200 words today. I’m on track and the story is rolling along. Things are about to go BOOM! and we’ll be off and rolling. Just when the crew thought they’d be going legit, they get to be involved in a prison break. Bwahahahaha! Oh, this story is a blast.

I’m off to bed. More words tomorrow!

Until Next Time!


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