Some cleanup.

Another relaxing day. I spent much of it deflating and relaxing.

Then I looked at the book covers I’d already done. Got some more input from the Mrs. and My Favorite Daughter. Did a lot more tweaking of some elements. I’m really liking how they’re all coming together. Happy with the end result.

And Then! I started looking at my webpages (you know, this one and Looks like a few of the anthologies I’m part of are no longer up on any of the book sites. Ah well. I removed those to make space for the bombardment of content that’s about to come flowing forth. I’m getting back into the headspace of everything I need to do once I start getting these scheduled.

I also watched several speakers from 20Books Vegas 2019. I recommend watching several of these. Dean and Kris (if you need to ask, ask me in the comments and I’ll provide links) as well as Kevin J. Anderson. So much great content from all of them. It’s really eye-opening.

I’m off to get some rest before getting up early tomorrow and starting my regular schedule.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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