Still moving forward.

Though this weekend (and this evening) were lazy days, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t getting anything done. The weather has been playing havoc with my sinuses and causing me to snore and sleep has been a struggle. If you choose to watch the video below, you’ll hear it in my voice.

It’s not the hour shift. Yeah, that messed with my brain, but not my body.

I did spend more time this weekend peeking and tweaking the book covers. I’ve got them dialed in where I like them. I can’t wait to get these scheduled. It’s going to be a fun time. I also can’t wait to see what My Favorite Daughter comes up with for the short story covers. It’ll be fun to see all that come together.

I also went through the website. Cleaned up a few anthologies that are no longer in print. I was sad to see they were not there any more. I also found another short story that I edited, cleaned up and got ready for publication. Oddly, the anthology isn’t up for sale anymore, but the individual short story is. I’ll be reviewing the contract on that one to make sure I can put it out myself.

So a lazy, yet still a productive weekend.

While fixing and fidgeting, I did watch a few more videos from the 20 Books Vegas series on YouTube and finished watching the Dean Wesley Smith series on Heinlein’s Rules. I know I’ve a lot to learn from those who’ve gone on before me and become successful. I don’t know that I’ll rise to their level, but it’ll be fun trying.

Finally, I’ll continue blogging this week, but tomorrow evening we’re having dinner with friends (only 4 of us) and I will be out hiking with the Mrs for a few days. That means no 5 a Day With Jay unless get a wild hair and decided to record on my phone. We’ll see.

I’m off to get more rest and get my body back to normal.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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