Jay’s Not Here.

Hey Gang. I’m not here at the moment. Though I may not be working on a book at the moment, trust me when I say my mind is still in the game. So much is going on in my head and I’ve done so much work both with the day job and getting all these books and stories ready for publication, that I’ll enjoy this little break.

That said, when I return Monday, I’ll be right back with the 5 a Day With Jay videos. I’ll be working on the interior of the ebooks (short stories are already done). That will take much of next week. The week after, I’ll be preparing the print editions. Then I’ll work on getting everything scheduled.

Next week, I’ll also work on getting a preview of the book covers for you. It’s an exciting time.

For now, I need to refresh. I will post daily, but I won’t be doing the videos day. Nothing big. Just something to keep the streak alive.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome.

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