Still moving right along.

Little by little, I’m getting closer to my goal of publishing something new weekly. It’s scary to think how close I am to getting started. I know I’ve said this in previous posts, but I’m truly excited to begin.

My biggest hurdle in getting my writing career started has always been my inconsistency. Once I get all this scheduled, that will no longer be an issue. I’ll be able to sit back and focus on the new books I’m working on and getting those out to readers. It couldn’t be a more exciting time.

To keep you apprised of my progress, I’ve gotten one of the Almost-Super Heroes books done and I’m working on the second in that series. That leaves GRPC 1 and 2 to get done. That will lead me into GRPC book 3 which I’m already working on and getting my head back into that story.

While I’m working on that book, I plan to write 1000-2000 words per day and write 1 or 2 blurbs per day. I’m going to work through the schedule so I have the May releases ready first and I’ll be able to upload those.

I’m giving through to writing a short introduction to each short story with a brief history of that story, it’s inspiration, and if it’d been published previously. That will get a little more meat to the short stories.

There’s still a lot of work ahead of me. I’m excited to get started.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

P.S. Got my first Moderna shot and scheduled my appointment for the second. WOO WOO!

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