Short post tonight.

As I mentioned at the end of the post yesterday, I’d gotten the 1st Moderna shot. It’s had me a little run down today, so not much happened. I’m confident tomorrow will be a much better day.

That said, I’ve still for GRPC 1&2 to apply edits to before I begin on blurbs/sales copy/ad copy. Then I want to do an intro to each short story that I’ll be publishing. I think that’ll be a nice touch and I’ve seen other authors do that as well. Should be fun.

Then I get get all the ebooks and print books formatted.

On top of all this, I decided I needed more on my plate. I guess I’m a masochist. I reached out to my co-author for the Jack Kane books. He’s been in hiding for quite a while and recently started blogging again. It was great to see him posting so…I said HEY! MIKE!

Two things Mike and I will be doing. One is starting the plotting and writing of the 3rd Jack Kane book. We always intended for this to be a series and this will keep us plugging away at that.

Secondly, will be the two of us jibber-jabbering about whatever comes to mind, recording that as a video, and I’ll drop that on the YouTube channel weekly. Something short, not more than 30 minutes. This will get the two of us talking about Jack Kane to keep that story/series moving forward, and get us some cross exposure on our work.

So, yeah, why not make myself even busier than I already am? 🙂

I’m off to get some rest.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Audio Only:—0109-etu7jp

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