Birds of Prey

Prepare to be boggled and bored by 'Birds of Prey' – The Connector

I’ve watched most of the DC movies. I don’t know why I subject myself to them. They look nice, but the stories are always awful. It’s almost as if the person working on the story read the wiki page, thinks they know the highlights of the characters and throws something together the night before.

This one is different. It’s got a simple plot, there are flashbacks that fill things in. I guess you could say the story makes sense.

I’ve never been a big fan of the DC Comics. Not sure why. This movie, for me, is the best DC movie I’ve seen as far as the story goes. Good cast, decent effects.

But there’s something about this one I can’t nail down. Someday I may figure it out.

If you liked it, and the DC movies, I’m glad. I’d never deny someone a movie that makes them happy. For me, this one was alright. Perhaps it’s because the Suicide Squad movie (for me) was so awful despite having an all-star cast.

/me shrugs

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  1. In 1965, a 10-year-old with an hour to kill discovered a comic book rack in a Rexall Drug Store. I’d never seen or heard of Marvel or DC, but the difference was stark (no pun intended); Marvel’s art crushed DC’s. Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko rocked my world. Soon, I’d discover Marvel had a better storyteller as well. (Stan even responded to my letter in FF #70.)

    I confess to liking Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal of the Green Lantern and I really wanted to love all the Superman and Batman movies, but damn, Marvel Studios is the Pixar of the Superhero genre. Both DC and Marvel have the CGI, but only one has mastered the narrative arc.

    Anyway, Kirby, Ditko, Colan, Steranko, and the like—they led me to the arts. And Stan helped me learn to love a good story. ‘Nuff said.

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