Moving forward…adapting…changing.

Last week I applied for my boss’s job. This wasn’t an easy decision to come to. It’s a lot of responsibility and it’s scary moving into a position I’ve never done before. I may think I’m ready and be totally taken aback but the immense burden put on my shoulders. That can happen. I’ve seen people move up and step back.

I feel there is a lot different with this situation.

First, let me say, I have no expectation that I’ll get the position. None. Zero. I’m hopeful. There are indicators there. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that hope and excitement aren’t the best indicators of something good happening (or bad).

Secondly, I’ve positioned myself as best I can and the end result is out of my hands.

As I say in the video, this is similar to my writing. I used to take the approach of “Hey, I’m going to be successful simply because I wrote a book and got it out there.” I was disappointed when it didn’t sell. neither did the next one. Or the next. etc.

This time around, I went in expecting to sell exactly 0 copies of GRPC2 (or any of my back catalog) and 0 copies of the two short stories that were released.

Don’t forget, I’ve a new short story out:

That said, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had a different expectation for success. What does it look like, feel like? Right now, success is doing the best job I can do at the day job, create my videos, podcast, and write and produce books for readers. Oh, and have fun along the way. That’s my current measure of success.

That isn’t to say that it’s not disappointing when something doesn’t go the way I would like, but having my expectations set helps me deal with it. I’ve been let down a lot over the years. More than I care to count. I’ve self-sabotaged opportunities. Didn’t fully commit myself to what I was doing. Half-assed my way along. I got what I deserved and not what I expected.

I’ve also learned along the way that my happiness is up to me. I can’t put that on someone else to do for me. If I wait for someone else to do something for me and expect them to do it…I’ll be disappointed. So, I don’t expect anything and I’m happy with what comes my way.

The other thing I’ve learned, that I have a lot to still learn. One of my co-workers hit 45 years with the company this week. What keeps him going? That there’s always something more to learn. That’s what keeps me plugging away with writing, publishing, and now content creation. Things change quickly with the internet. It’s impossible to keep up with everything. What do I do? I learn what I can, what I need to, and keep moving forward.

Obviously there will be obstacles. Those will slow a person down. It should never stop a person from going forward.

I said in one blog post that I’m giving myself 5 years to reach a certain level of success with my writing. Now, I’ll never stop. I’ll never give up. What I’ll do is re-access what I’m doing and move in a different direction. Perhaps not put so much time and effort into something that’s not giving me what I hope for. I’ll never stop writing. Probably never stop publishing. If the current gets too strong, I’ll find another way to keep moving.

I’m off to go make words happen.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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