Perfection? Yeah…not today.

Try as I might to get things right, I won’t succeed a majority of the time. Oh, I will get things right some of the time. But there are many times I will fail and fall down flat on my face.

Like tonight. I got all set up to stream. The stream didn’t look like it was streaming after a couple of minutes. I stopped the stream and restarted it. A few times. Guess what. The first time it was streaming. (sigh).

These things happen. I keep saying over and over: We’re learning here. The road will be bumpy. I will fail from time to time. I’m doing the best I can. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I goofed on the print book for GRPC2. It was supposed to go live next week. Whoops. It’s live now.

I won’t announce it everywhere until next week, but for the readers of the blog, it’s out there now. Go get yourself a copy! šŸ™‚

Another thing I’ll note about my writing. It’s not perfect either. I’ve made many mistakes not only with my writing career, but with the books I’ve written and published as well. V&A Shipping is filled with cardboard characters that can come off as flat. My female lead is your “typical” female. I learned a lot writing that book and I feel it’s a really good story despite its faults, but it’s not a perfect book.

Neither is GRPC1 or even GRPC2. But I still think those are good stories and I learned a lot writing those stories. If you read V&A1, V&A2, GRPC1, GRPC2, you’ll see growth from story to story. Heck, you’ll see that in Jack Kane 1 and 2 as well. You’ll see it across the Golden West trilogy.

That’s all I can do. Progress as a writer. Grow as a writer. Tell better stories. I’ll take courses, learn from those who came before me. Apply what I’ve learned.

The road to success in the arts is rarely a straight line. An “overnight success” is almost never overnight. There are years if not decades behind the scenes that you’ll never see, never know about, and probably never care about. That’s completely understandable. The movies and even some books make it seem like if you write a novel, you’re done. You can retire and live off the royalties for the rest of your life off that one book.

Being perfect has never been a goal of mine. Telling stories people enjoy has been. I’m not looking for all 5 star reviews and awards. I’m looking for a small handful of people that want to hop on and have a fun ride with me. That’s all. I have no expectation of getting rich doing this. I do have the expectation that I’ll have a good time trying.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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