You want pictures? I’ve got pictures.

Our trip to Cabo was an amazing adventure. If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll have seen many pictures the Mrs and I took. If you don’t, well, here are a bunch of pictures I took.

We stayed at Cabo Azul. An amazing resort. We spent 8 nights, 9 days there. There were two weddings and three different sets of fireworks on the beach. We did get to meet both couples, one couple in the pool, the other couple on the balcony (above) where the weddings took place. We all left on the same day and they asked if we would take a picture of them. The balcony overlooks the pool and ocean and I didn’t get a picture of that. Harrumph.

The pool was incredible. We spent nearly every late morning in the pool. relaxing and getting ready for the day.

We did find Hotel California. From the stories we heard, this is the one the song is based on. Yes, there is a mission behind it and we heard the mission bell, but we never checked in so we were allowed to leave.

We had a great 3 hour tour that took us out to the arch on the tip of Baja. Somehow we managed to pick the windiest day to do this. Thankfully, no hats were lost.

There were amazing beverages to be had everywhere we went. I never thought I’d end up in a gin joint, but sure enough, we did. We had gotten to the art district early and had a beverage before seeing all the great art.

We also ate at so many great places. Tammarindos was a farm a ways away from the hotel and the most relaxing. The most stressful was at The Office where our table and chairs were in the sand on the beach and we nearly had our toes tickled by high tide. Even so, great dinner. We walked along the beach and stopped at each location to have other beverages until it was late enough they stopped serving beverages.

For my birthday, I wanted to go to Cabo Wabo. Though the reviews are terrible, the places is a lot of fun and the food was terrific. I didn’t get to meet Sammy Hagar, but then, I never expected him to show up.

And after much food and drink, we made it back home. Another successful adventure in the books. I’d never been to Cabo before, but I’d love to go back.

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