We’re on…the road…to Sedona. We certainly do get around!

Sedona | Visit Arizona

NOT MY PICTURE (https://www.visitarizona.com/places/cities/sedona/)

Tomorrow morning we’re going to get up early and head to Sedona. We’re going to meet my brother and his family there. We’ll see the Grand Canyon, tour the city, and head home Friday. Then we’ll do a number of things around town before they pack up and head home.

I haven’t seen my brother in a few years so it’ll be very nice to catch up. Of course, I’ll post pictures for the next few days and a glut of pictures once the trip is done.

I warned you I was taking a few day off, didn’t I? But guess what…I’m not leaving you in a lurch. Escape, Almost-Super Heroes book 1, will drop on Wednesday! You can preorder now.

I’m off to go do some packing.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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