One More day until we return to 5 a Day With Jay

Oh my. I’m not recording 5 a Day with Jay tonight, but I’ll do a long post about where I’ve been the past 3 weeks. Well, the past week at least. If you follow the blog, I did a long post about Cabo and how amazing that trip was.

This past week, my brother was in town. By “in town” I mean he and his family met us in Sedona. We drove out to the Grand Canyon, spent some time by the pool, toured the town, toured the area. Much of it was shut down due to a local fire.

We drove back to San Diego. Did the Zoo, Balboa Park, the beach, rode jet skis, had a few dinners out. Watched fireworks from my father-in-law’s house. It was a VERY long week.

Oh, and my nephew is into trains. Like, so into trains you don’t know. Think how Sheldon Cooper is into trains and then you’ll have an idea how into trains my nephew is. We took a lot of train pictures and he’d ramble off all the stats on a given train, size, weight, towing capacity, radiator size, engine size, route information, and I think you get the point. The boy is wicked smart and can memorize facts like a sponge.

My niece is becoming a teenager and is very much into being a teenager. She was excited to stay down at the beach with My Favorite Daughter. They got up in the morning to walk the dogs on the beach.

Needless to say, we sent them all home exhausted.

That said, I’m wiped out. I did return to work today (i.e. turned on the work laptop in the computer room). It’s been a few days since I’d been logged in so there was much catching up on everything.

For those who’ve been following along, I did not get the supervisor position. Many good things were said about me and I’m confident this won’t be the last opportunity to come my way.

I will do some writing this evening. My head might not be into recording, but I can put some words down.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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