Getting back into a habit.

It’s weird sitting down and typing an actual blog post after a few weeks away. Now don’t get me wrong. I’ve been away from this blog for MONTHS and come back, but this time was different. I did smaller posts while I was away so I didn’t break my streak, we’re up to 167 days including today. Also, this blog is quickly reaching the 1000 post mark. I’ve been blogging irregularly for 10 years now. You’d think in all that time I’d have a lot more posts than that, but it goes to show how random I’ve been with my writing and my writing career.

I will get into the numbers for last month in my next post, but I’m excited that Almost-Super Heroes book 1 has already sold 4 copies. I’m selling a few short stories. I’m seeing page reads. Nothing that will pay a bill or buy a dinner, but I know if I keep at it, those days will come. Remember, my goal was to make $100 in six months. That means I’d need to make just under $15 a month to be on target. Am I? Heck no! But I do know that more will come toward the end, if I keep at it, than I’ll see at the start. The more books I put out and keep putting out, the more chance of success I’ll have.

This is why, even though I’m seeing limited success at this stage, I’m excited to see any growth. It means progress.

On a personal note, I mentioned this in passing, but I didn’t get the job I had applied for. I’m still not disappointed. It means I’ll have more time to commit to writing and publishing. That’s my goal. Put out as many books and short stories as I can.

Now onto something that was on my mind during all those weeks of vacation. It felt like I was away months. I had time to think about not just this blog and what I’m doing here every day, but also what I’m doing with 5 a Day With Jay. On top of that, I kept thinking about other social media and what I should or could do over there.

Being a writer and publishing my own work means I need to get eyes on me. That’s the biggest challenge I’m having right now. Getting people to notice what I’m doing. There are many people who do daily vlogs, and without a product or personality, there is a limited audience. I’m confident some of those viewing my videos or listening to the audio, want me to succeed, but going through a daily drudge can wear on an audience.

I don’t want to do that.

I’m thinking about bringing back the Murdock Minute. It’s of a format that’ll work on TikTok and YouTube. It’d be more entertaining that listening to me ramble about my life and writing and publishing.

But! I’d switch to a weekly format for 5 a Day With Jay. Perhaps doing 30-60 minutes once per week instead of 10-15 minutes 5 times per week.

Yes, I’d have to commit to putting more effort into Murdock Minute, but I’d be freed up from 5 a Day With Jay.

Let’s have an honest conversation, my YouTube channel isn’t growing. When I put something up on TikTok, I’m getting hundreds of views on something simple like a time lapse of the ocean or birds at the zoo. I feel Murdock Minute would work better over there.

Again, thinking out loud and as I keep saying, I want to be transparent about what I’m doing. For now, the blog will stay the same, but I think it’s time to mix things up on other social media sites.

I’m off to go make words happen.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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