Back in the Saddle.

My head is clearer today and the neighbors had some guys trimming up their backyard at 7am. Guess who got up early!

The Mrs and I watched Coming 2 America. Lots of nods to the original. Many laugh out loud moments. No major surprises, but a fun movie anyway. A solid B+ movie.

Then I opened up Jack Kane 3 because I needed to get my next chapter done and back over to Mike Plested. Knocked out 2000 words. The story is getting interesting. 🙂

Waiting on word from friends to come and have dinner. While I wait, I’m not going to waste time. I’m off to put words down in GRPC3. I’m excited to get both of these books done because I know what’s coming next! I do! and I can’t wait to write those words.

On a side note, a fellow author friend of mine had an issue with another author making political posts. Let me first say, I follow many authors I don’t rightly agree with politically. I follow many more that I do agree with. I’ve never allowed this to get in the way of either my personal relationship with these authors or to deter me from absorbing any knowledge they might choose to put forth.

That said, I’ve also committed to NOT posting anything political or religious in either this blog or in my books. Both those topics are highly personal and very polarizing. If I ever do stray into that territory, feel free to call me out.

Now, I have mentioned that I’m reading a number of political books. If I review them, those reviews will go up on Amazon under my name. I don’t feel this impacts my brand because I’m not putting them here for regular consumption and the reviews will be a review of the writing and content, not the specific author or their political beliefs.

At any rate, when I come across a political post I don’t agree with, but I enjoy the author’s work and/or personality, I usually skip these posts. The only person I’ve ever had to stop following…no, no I’m not going to specify that here. I see no need.

I’m off to make more words happen, because that’s what I want to do!

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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