What day is it?

Oh yeah, it’s Sunday. I’m having many senior moments where I lose track of days, darn it.

The Mrs and I were going to take a walk at the zoo. We have season passes so we can do just that. My Favorite Daughter threw off the plans because the boy had to work at Sea World today. She came over early with the plan of making cookies and ice cream for a big order they have.

Needless to say, we didn’t go to the zoo. Instead we stayed home with the intention of binge watching Loki with MFD. That got derailed as we invited over my sister-in-law to watch with us. Knowing I’d have some time, I went upstairs and formatted a couple of books and got those ready. Goofed around on the computer for a bit.

We did end up watching a couple of episodes of Loki. It was late enough and we were all here so we watched Big Brother. That took us nearly an hour and a half to watch because we kept pausing for much discussion.

Now, it’s late. I feel as though I didn’t leave the house or accomplish anything, but I did and I am happy with what I got done.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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